Saturday, August 6, 2016

HMMA Update from August 5th

At 0631 Marilyn checked in from Alan Davis with a report of Kawena (RH36) 50 ft. east of the Alan Davis wall swimming in the shallows. Marilyn did some outreach with some fishermen who were gearing up for an Ulua fishing tournament this weekend. At 1334 Donna sent a text with a report of an U/U on the Mokes. Marilyn checked back in at 1742 with a report of Kawena sleeping in the SPZ and all appears well.

 Carola arrived at the pup site at 0745 in the morning and there was no sign of Ka'ale (RH32). Carola walked over to his birth beach and still could not find him. At about 1000 she finally found him hauling out. She observed Ka’ale scratching his right side of is mouth/face quite often. Everything appeared to look normal. Carola provided outreach to 6 young soldiers who visited the site. They were excited to learn about monk seals and we may have some new volunteers in the near future! Ka'ale was still snoozing when Carola left at 1500.

(I have to say if this was an Italian seal.. this gesture would speak volumes :-)

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b said...

Carola,U are AWESOME!! I read you got out there at 7:45am, NO KAALE. YOU FOUND HIM AT 10:00am...FANTASTIC. GOOD JOB GIRL.

And then you left Kaale at, that is dedication to the seals...just wonderful of you to do that. HMMA, you are lucky to have this volunteer who works hard with the others.