Sunday, August 14, 2016

HMMA Update from August 13th

The morning began at 0634 with a report of a seal at lagoon 4 at Koolina. Chrissy responded but the seal had departed prior to her arrival. No ID could be made. A 0921 a report came in about Holokai (RG40) at the Elbow. ID was made by G40/G41 tags. Marily checked in at 1202 with a report of Ka'ale (RH32), BG (R303), and RK36 at Mokuleia. She found Kaena (RO40) out at Kaena Point. Marilyn checked Mokuleia again on her way back from Kaena Point and reported RK36 had departed and Luana (RN58) had hauled out. Luana has a fresh new coat. Melanie checked in at 1448 with a report of RW22 (Kolohe) at Lanai Lookout. At 1520 Robyn checked in from her shift at Mokuleia to report Luana (RN58) departed. At 1649 a report came in about a seal hauled out at Paradise Cove. Chrissy responded and ID'ed Nihoa (R912).

 Gina checked in via email with a report of Kawena (RH36) sleeping on the rocks and remained at the end of her shift.

 Lusi checked in via email from her shift with Ka'ale (RH32). Lusi reported that Marilyn told her that she saw BG (R303) and RK36 on birth beach before her usual KP hike trip. When Lusi arrived, BG was sleeping, RK36 was in the water. Ka'ale was behind the rock on the beach east of the birth beach. Towards the end of my shift, what turned out to be RN58 (Luana) hauled out next to BG and slept next to her. No interactions between the adult seals and Ka'ale.

 Howard and Carola checked in via email after their shift with Ka'ale. They relieved Robyn at 1600. At 1815 a big seal hauled out, could have been RK36 again. Only little vocalization from BG’s side went on when they both soon went to sleep next to each other. At 1845 another seal attempted to haul out, but the male seal immediately chased it away. Carola believe it was Luana. Ka’ale slept on the east side, he woke up and played with sticks, at 1935 he slowly went in to the water swimming towards the rocky area.
R303 (BG) and RN58 (Luana)
 R303 "BG"
 RH32 Ka'ale - must be because he's wet... when I first looked at the picture I thought he was a little green Holokai.... 
 There he is all handsome with his silver grey coat
 RK36 and R303 - typical male posture.... typical female "don't bug me I'm sleeping"
 RN58 Luana
 R912 Nihoa

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