Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DB's Dailies (cont)

 Rip at Ka'ena Point
Benny and Pohaku
 oh Benny you're such a dog.
 This is new territory for her..???

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b said...

Maybe four, Maybe five years ago, I37 used to haul out at KoOlina. She always facinated me, so big, beautiful.

She stopped going to KoOlina and the west side for years.

I remember when we found her injured, with a gaping wound to her ankle area, almost severed . She was like limping to come on shore in Maili. When she turned I saw the huge wound, OH MY GOD I was shocked. She would make it to Kauai and gave birth, but that would be the start of the sad news, HER PUP DIED. Since that time she keeps losing all her pups, I think up to four already. My heart breaks thinking she cant have pups born alive. I always wondered if it was from that injury, who knows.

Pohaku and Benny were at Waikomos, and Deb watched her so we could go KoOlina haul out. Deb left so we went back out to Pohaku and Benny from 1:09 to 4:30PM. It WAS HOT AGAIN. Pohaku was being bothered by Da Benny, well, she is a hot Mama. He He.

We still never found the ARROW seal any where.

Prayers to that seal, who ever he or she maybe.

To I37, I hope one day, she may have a healthy pup...she is a beautiful female and she has a new coat..looks great!!!