Tuesday, August 2, 2016

HMMA Update from August 1st

At 1138 a report came in about a seal on the Waianae side Kaena Point. The seal was believed to be an injured seal. The seal departed before Chrissy and Robyn arrived. At 1429 a report came in about Holokai (RG40) at Turtle Bay. ID was made by tags G40/G41. Karen checked in from Turtle Bay at 1600 with the same report. At 2015 a report was made from the National Hotline about a seal seen by a hiker at Kaena Point with a wound that appeared fresh. No visible bleeding was reported.

 Anissa checked in via email from Kawena (RH32) site at 0638. It took Anissa approximately 30 minutes to find Kawena. Kawena was wedged in the rocks outside of the tide pool sleeping. Aside from an occasional flipper movement and rolling on her back, she stayed put the entire shift. Prior to the end of Anissa's shift Kawena moved into the water near the tide pool.

 Anissa checked in again via email. She was dispatched by Jon at 1211 to MCBH Pyramid Rock. Anissa found Right Spot (R016) sleeping in the SPZ established by the lifeguards. There were several people on the beach. I fielded a lot questions from international military members who were excited to see Right Spot. Everyone was respectful. Todd from MBCH stopped by to check on things and advised that Right Spot had been there since approximately 0800 that morning. Right Spot departed at 1507.

 Karen T. check in via email from Turtle Bay. Karen checked on Ua Maile (RT10) and pup (PO5) at 1400. They were swimming in the pool and playing in the waves at high tide. Karen left the pup site at 1500 to check on Holokai (RG40) near the tide pools. Holokai was sound asleep.

 A Big Mahalo to all the volunteers who drove and walked countless miles in search of a seal of concern. The seal was sighted on the west side and was believed to have been shot with an arrow through the rear flipper. Many thanks to Sector Manager Chrissy and the west sector responders: Robyn, Terry, Bev, Debbie, Melina and Rick. Sorry If I missed any one!

 Right spot at MCBH
 RG40 Holokai 
 little green meanie
 Ua Malie and PO5  


Unknown said...

Robyn and I had hiked out to the point already and after waiting out the rain, we missed the seal reported up near the trail head. It was headed in the direction of the point according to the fishermen. Little stinker! Thank you to all folks out there searching. It takes a village!

Christine Vanmeter said...

The previous is comment is mine, not sure why it posted anonymous!