Saturday, August 6, 2016

DB's Dailies (cont) Team Billand

Nihoa visiting the west side of Ka'ena Point...
 looks like she's had a few meals since weaning her pup
RL42 at Makua Cliffs
 Pohaku at Lani's 
 Pohaku at Paradise Cove

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b said...

Man I cant express the heat of the sun these days...and the humidity is at times unbearable. But if we want to find that ARROW SEAL, we got to stick things out.

So far no sign of that POOR SEAL...PRAYERS TO WHO IT MAY BE.

Saw Rip first, got his id. I was on the phone, when TO MY SHOCK, was another seal, snoozing alone, about 50 plus feet from RIP.

I studied that chubby female for a while, thinking ok, female, hmmm, chubby, NO TAGS..BG??? Dont see cookie near the nipple, hmmmm. I did think also NIHOA!!! But it was hard to find the WHITE NAILS...the dead give a way.

She turns some, I can see scars like SHARKBITE scars on NIHOA. Hmmm.

It wasnt till I got home to view the shots closer and not on a small screen from the camera...and the harsh bright light of the sun. Ok, THERE WE GO, I SEE THE TWO WHITE NAILS and the scar on her head..NIHOA R912, Kaale's mom!!! YAHOO...she looks great, preparing to molt soon...wonder where she found her breakfast , lunch and dinners, as there were so many fishermen out this weekend. Amazing hero.

Of course it RAINED. All I had was a dinky umbrella. Rain stopped...went on.

There was L42, snoozing at her usual spot Makua Cliffs...looking gorgeous. No one bothering her at all while I was there.

We had Olivia, our little VOLUNTEER IN THE MAKING.

We stopped at KoOlina..a man saw us, said there was a seal over THERE!! Been out there from early morn. We were out there, saw nothing at 6am.

Walk about on the ROCKS, which I swore ROB AND I WOULDNT DO ANYMORE. Rob fell here, had to have an operation because of a horrible fall. ANy ways, I finally spot POHAKU, snoozing on her side. Folks started to gather..yikes...

I see Rob educating those who want to walk on the rocks..and then I see our long lost pal, TERRI. She comes over and we see MISS POHAKU...Terri went over to other end of rocks to keep folks back.

Miss Pohaku would leave spot, after climbing on the rocks for a while. She is finally putting on some weight. SO 3:17pm Pohaku departs Lani's.

I am at Paradise Cove and spot her little head, entering Paradise Cove. Terri tries to get folks out of her way. A kid jumps in the water, heads right to seal, I see the seal turn and head out of the area for the day. GOOD...too many folks. Thanks Miss TERRI, good job...was so nice to see ya again.

Olivia was so hot, she went for a swim...good thing my son put an extra set of clothes in her bag. SHe was thrilled to get cooled off and to see Pohaku again.

I love this job...I love our seals...I miss our volunteers...God bless you all..get ready for Miss pohaku's NEXT VISIT. He He.