Wednesday, August 17, 2016

8/17/2016 DB's Dailies: Kea, Kala&2U/F@Rabbit Island, Kawena@AD, Ua Malie&PO5@Turtle Bay, Benny,RIP,RL42,RW02&Nihoa@Ka'ena Point

Marilyn found Kawena (RH36) at AD on her morning check. Melanie checked in on her afternoon rounds, to advise that Kawena was there and signs and rope were up. That is all I know about the day, but Marilyn will be doing the 4-7 so hopefully there will be more news.

 At 0830 I found Kea (RN46), 60 ft right of 3BS on Rabbit Island.

 At 1153 an U/F with new coat and 2 red tags, hauled out 30 ft left of Kea. There was no interaction, and sadly, I was not able to ID the animal. It was definitely one of the new coat girls that have molted of late.

 Yet another new coat female would haul out to Rocky Right Beach at 1225. Same as above. Ya’ seen one girl in a new fur coat , ya’ seen em’ all. Brenda is suppose to be going to RI next week on a Vac/Bleach mission, so hopefully Lady Cairol will give me some help here !

 At 1257 Kala (RH76) hauled out to join the RRB female.

 Tammy T., checked in at 0844 from Turtle Bay with Ua Malie & PO5 (D#37).

 Barbara was once again on an “End of the World” mission. The woman is tiring me out just typing up her exploits. She found RIP (RR70)& Benny at separate locations at the point, and on the way out found RL42&RW02 on the Waianae side trail, closer to KP, and then Nihoa (R912) at the 20Min location. Thank you Team Billand !!!

UF and Kea 
Kawena at dawn
 Kawena in the afternoon
 Big Yawn 
 must be nap time
 Benny and Rip

 RL42 & RW02

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