Saturday, June 20, 2015

6/20/2015 DB's Dailies: La'akea,Cass&UU@RI, RIP@Maili Pt., Rocky@Kaimana, Right Spot@PL, RI37@3Tables, R5AY@TB

It was a most interesting Rabbit Island day. Despite, Gayle , Diane T., and I trekking the quadrant today, RI was the only action.

 The highlight of the day began with my arrival to Makai Pier at 0838 for my 2nd check of the day. 30 ft left of 2BS, I found, to my shock & awe...... La’akea (RK82)!!!! This marks the first time she has been documented beyond Kahuku. I began to see that the animal had a bleach, and I assumed it was going to be Kaiwi returned from her possible Turtle Bay experience. It completely floored me when I saw that big , ol’ beautiful N31 bleach on her right shoulder. The majority of the 195 shots I took today, showed her and her perfectly visible N31 bleach, but the photo gods just wouldn’t allow it to show up, save for 1 shot late in the day.

 Also at 0838 I found what remained an U/U through the day. With all my little , bald heart, I wanted to believe that this would be Kaiwi, returned home, and bringing La’akea with her, but alas, I was never able to get an ID on the animal. I saw 2 red tags, but that was all.

 Though I can’t prove it, there has got to be a connection between a possible Kaiwi sighting at Turtle Bay, and the sudden appearance of La’akea to Rabbit Island.

 At 1119 chubby, little Cass (RG06) hauled out to the left end of the beach. She would reenter the water later, but then haul out again to the same location.

 Team Billand got a call from Paradise Cove security about a newly arrived animal there. When then arrived the animal was gone.

 At 0912 the Billands found RIP (RR70) at Maili Point.

 Ocean Safety called at 0918 with the report of an animal newly arrived to 2H life guard stand, I thought that was Queens, but wrong....again. It was Kaimana Beach, just a coupla’ flipper flaps to the east. Melanie Chun confirmed the Rocky(RH58) ID. There had been a haul out to Kaimana last night, to which Todd responded, but no ID was possible in the dark. I’d say it was Rocky, wouldn’t you ?
Melanie reported Rocky’s departure at 1255. Being the above & beyond kinda’ posse member she is, she also stopped by to say Hi! To KP2 & Maka.

 A Dana call at 0957 advised that Right Spot (R016) was at Pipeline today, and that RI37 was once again at 3 Tables, just down the beach.

 At 1042 Diane Gabriel advised that Karen Turner was with R5AY at Turtle Bay today. Thomas Sperandeo shots confirm the ID. I’m sure more shots will follow. No word yet on Ola.

 La'akea at Rabbit Island... first time ever
 UU - could it be Kaiwi.... did she bring La'akea back with her from her trip up north 
Rip at Maili Point
 R5AY Honey Girl at Turtle Bay
 Rocky at Kaimana
 she'll be heading for the lobby pretty soon
 KP2 at the aquarium 
 maka snoozing

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