Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4/7/2015 DB's Dailies: U/F(Sadie?),Kainoa,Kaiwi,Kea@RI, Pohaku@PC, Benny@Maili Pt, Nihoa@Maipalaoa, RI37@Waialua,U/U@Shark's Cove, Rocky@MI, R5AY&Ola@TB, RL42@Makua Cliffs

It was an exciting Rabbit Island day. When I arrived at 0715 I found a very large, very pregnant female with two red tags, 40 ft left of 1BS. Because I could not see the necessary markers required to make the Sadie (RB12) ID, I must carry the animal as an U/F. Sadie is due on 4-19-15. As an RI girl , she has given birth to two previous kids, Kainoa & Pua. She is a nearly complete mystery girl. Where she goes is unknown, except for the occasional documented visit to Moku Nui, but she returns to RI to give birth. The only markers I have to make the ID, require seeing the upper chest, and that simply did not happen today, so for the time being U/F will have to do. Maybe tomorrow ???

 On a pan, at 0833 I found what would prove to be Kainoa (RN04) far out on the left end rock flats, where he would remain all day.

 On a pan at 1233, I suddenly became aware of an animal amongst the left end flats, water front rocks. It would prove to be Kea (RN46), who had probably been there all morning, and I simply missed him. He would remain there all day, only moving up with the tide.

 At 1349 Kaiwi (RK96) hauled out to join the U/F.

 At 0629 Team Billand called to advised that they had been informed by posse member Nancy that there as an animal at Paradise Cove.

At 0700 they confirmed the Pohaku (RO28). She had last been seen on 3-30-15. At 1006 they found Benny (RE74) at Maili Point.

 Nihoa (R912) was the Billand’s next find, at the Maipalaoa Canal, Maili. At 1230 Team Billand reported RL42 at Makua Cliffs.

 A Diane Gabriel call at 1133 advised that she was on R5AY&Ola duty, and manning the phone. She forwarded a shot of RI37, seen near Crozier Drive, Waialua, today. She also advised of a report of an U/U at Shark’s Cove. Awaiting further word on that one.

 Ocean Safety called at 1131 reporting an animal at Magic Island. Posse member Christian Young confirmed the Rocky (RH58) ID, and a subsequent call from Rikki Goble further confirmed the ID. Thank you to both !!

 UF ... could be Sadie 
 can wait to get confirmation.... that is is Sadie
Benny showing off his scar... i couldn't get the photo of his belly closeup to load... looks like some of the stitches from the surgery are dissolving 
 Nihoa 912
 Pohaku getting her mommy belly some rest
Rocky in one of her favorite places
 and she's getting bigger


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