Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4/15/2015 DB's Dailies: Sadie,PO2&Kainoa@RI, Kekoa@GR, Nani@Moku Nui, Rocky@Elk's Club&Kaimana, Right Spot@Rocky Point, Benny@Ala Moana Beach, RI37@Hauula, Ola&La'akea@Turtle Bay


I left Makai Pier at noon, for a mid day pass thru the quadrant, and returned at 1550. I found Sadie right where I’d left her, At 1559 she repositioned just a tad, and lo & behold there was a little , black butt visible. PO2 has arrived. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

At 0638 I found Sadie (RB12) near the water line at the far left end of the beach on Rabbit Island. She got wet occasionally in the shallows but would remain at that location.

At 1041 I found a newly arriving Kainoa (RN04), 80 ft right of 3BS. He too would remain all day. 

Dana called at 1048 advising that she was sending photos of an U/U at Maili Guard Rails. At 1150 the Kekoa (RK72) was confirmed by photos.

 At 1119 DOFAW posse member Amarisa Marie, called with the news that she was with “K61" on Moku Nui. RK60/61 is Nani, a sub adult female. She may well have been my U/F from yesterday at RI, but ?????

 At 1247 posse member Dave Martin, lunching at th Elk’s Club, call to advise that “N11" was just hauling out right before his eyes. That would , of course , be Rocky (RH58). I notified Dana, and she advised that Colleen was responding. At 1348 Ocean Safety call to advise that an animal was hauling out to the DH side of Kaimana Beach. Since that is a coupla’ flipper flaps from the Elk’s Club , I have a mean feeling Rocky relocated. I contacted Colleen in route to advise. Christina Monroe sent a confirming photo of Rocky.

At 1200 Dana advised that Jeannie Martinson had reported an U/U at “Gas Chambers”, on the North Shore. Lesley checked in at 1650, advising that she had confirmed that the animal was Right Spot (R016). She also confirmed that Right Spot was yesterday’s animal at Shark’s Cove, by a right side neck scar.

Ocean Safety called at 1348 with word that an animal with a transmitter had hauled out to Ala Moana Beach. I notified Dana. Rikki Goble checked in at 1742 with confirmation that it was Benny (RE74). 

Dana called at 1813 with news that RI37 was in Hauula, across from the Fire Station.

 Diane Gabriel sent shots of La’akea (RK82) at Right Spot’s Spot, and Ola cruisin’ the coast line at Turtle Bay today.
 Sadie and PO2  
 Kekoa at Guard Rails
 Rocky at the Elk's Club 
La'akea at Turtle Bay
 Silly Weaner Ola Loa

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