Friday, April 3, 2015

4/3/2015 DB's Dailies: Aukai & Kainoa @ RI, DB, BG @ Kahuku Pt, Rikki Goble, 4-3-15, Y/N RW02,RL42&Kolohe @ KP, Vicki Hangai

Marilyn, Gayle & I all covered the SE quadrant to no avail. The only action , once again today , was at Rabbit Island. Marilyn got gotten a millisecond glimpse of hind flippers decending, at Spitting Cave, but that was the end of that. On my first look I found what would prove to be Aukai (RL12), 40 ft left of 1BS. When I got back to Makai Pier at 0903 Aukai was down near the water line but remained in the 1BS area. On a pan at 0910 I found Kainoa (RN04), 80 ft right of 3BS. He would enter the shallows , only to haul out again 30 ft further right, to the water front rocks of Seal Rock Inlet where he remained the rest of the day.

 We met up with posse member Vicki Hangai at Lanai Lookout this afternoon. She had still photos from her Ka’ena Point trek yesterday, where she found 3 seals. They would prove to be RW02, sporting his new N62 bleach, by himself, and RL42 in the company of Kolohe (RW22).

 Surprisingly, the Billands reported a rare “Skunked” day.

 A 1726 call from Rikki Goble who had put in an R5AY&Ola shift, brought word that she had responded to the report of an animal at Kahuku Point. Her excellent ID shots, sent via phone, showing the necessary markers for an ID, made it a simple case of researching the photo database to come up with the BG (R303) ID. Thanks Rikki ! Once again.... Ya’ Done Good !!!

 Today is the 1st birthday of little Pua (RF34) (Sadie’s daughter). She left Rabbit Island on 7-30-14, and was not seen again until she showed up on 9-14-15, with a fishook. The hook was removed on 9-15-15, and that was the last time Pua was seen. She and her mom and both mystery girls.

A personal note in closing for the night. It was 14 years ago today (Good Friday), that “LuSeal” galumphed into Marilyn & DB’s lives, at Sandy Beach. I was a kinda’/sorta’ “normal “ human being at 0629 on that day. At 0630 the rest of my life began.  Congrats !!!  Seal whisperer, Sensei, Mentor, .... crazy ole' man  :-) :-)  THANK YOU for every moment you have spent caring and sharing your life with these animals.  I know my life is better for knowing you !!!!

 BG at Kahuku
 Happy Birthday Pua.... hope you are safe little one.... we would love to know where you and your momma are hiding. 
 AND so it began 14 years ago DB found a seal.... 
The seals thank you and we thank you 
Kolohe and RL42
 RL42 and Kolohe


madhatter said...

Wow 14 years for DB and Marilyn's first monk seal!
And on Good Friday- seems like a sign to me.
That was also a good day for the monk seals.
You guys have given so much of your time
You are awesome! I enjoy learning how you guys met your first monk seal.

In my notes about Monk Seals I have April 3rd as Monk Seal Day, is this still celebrated?
I'd drink a Monk Seal Ale to that.

Melanie said...

"I was a kinda’/sorta’ “normal “ human being at 0629 on that day. At 0630 the rest of my life began."

Wakefulness is the way to life
The fool sleeps
As if he were already dead
But the master is awake
And he lives forever ...

By watching and working
The master makes for himself and island
Which the flood cannot overwhelm. ...

--The Dhammapada, ch.2 Wakefulness