Saturday, April 11, 2015

4/10/2015 DB's Dailies: Kea,Kaiwi&RM38@RI, R5AY&Ola, Kaikaina&RI37@TB, Pohaku@PC, Benny@Maili Pt, Rocky@DH,

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island at 0900 I found Kea (RN46) & RM38, mid beach, 40 ft left of 1BS. 

At 0944 Kaiwi (RK96) would haul out to join them. All would remain the rest of the day, and were the only SE quadrant finds.

 Jack (at the Bay) called at 0826 to advise that morning regulars at Hanauma Bay reported a “drive by” by and animal moving west just outside the reef, departing the bay at the Witches Brew end. No further info.

 At 0825 Dana called with a report from Joy at Turtle Bay, advising that Kaikaina (RL54) & RI37 (both R5AY daughters) were at TB, as were R5AY & Ola.

 A DanaTxt at 1047 advised that “we have a weaner” on D#44. R5AY was said to have gone out to join her daughters off shore. Ola was still on shore. As occasionally happens, a text from Dana as well as call from Melanie at 1252 advised that R5AY had returned. What began as a weaning turned out to be just Brunch with the girls !

A 1255 call from Melanie advised that Kaikaina (RL54) was back at Right Spot’s Spot, TB.

 At 0903 Team Billand advised of a call about an animal at Paradise Cove. At 0919 they confirmed the Pohaku (RO28) ID.

 At 1212 a ColleenTxt advised that she had Rocky (RH58) at Diamond Head. Colleen photos confirm the Rocky ID. Colleen also included a sign made by the residents at the San Souci Apts, a regular hangout for Rocky at Kaimana, behind their building. Colleen advised that Rocky departed at 1730. 

At 1359 Team Billand found Benny (RE74) at Maili Point. They called at 1447 to advise that they had 2 “swimming heads” foraging off shore of Maili Point.

 I was hoping that Sadie would hang around Rabbit Island, for an 8th Birthday celebration today, but no such luck. Happy Birthday anyway kid... wherever you are !!

 Kaiwi Kea and RM38
 Rocky at Diamond Head 
 Sweet sign... I think it could useful in a few places 
 Happy Birthday Sadie Sadie  8 years old already...
seems like yesterday you were just a little whippersnapper swimming by Kailua Beach while Old man Chester was bunkering down.
 Benny at Maili Point
 Still wired for calls
 Pohaku at Paradise Cove... PEOPLE BACK UP!!!  I hope to god someday someone doesn't get seriously hurt.... because we all know the seals will end up being the bad guy.
 Pohaku being big
 UU  at Maili Point

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