Friday, July 7, 2017

7/7/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: RN14 & Ka'ale @Kahe, Rocky&PO3 @SansSouci, 4 Unknowns@Mokulua Islands

From Team Billand:
I was waiting for the seals, and there was RN14, galumphing up on the rocks. He was alone. He was alert, slowly going up, looking, then went to sleep.
On next check, found Kaale already up with RN14. Glad both are together again. Kaale is so GREEN.

He (Benny RE74) was sleeping, partly submerged. I can see his incision and I can see his tag, THATS SHOWN IN WATER. He just wouldnt move much. It was Zero tide. Crabs crawling all over the place, fish nibbling at benny.

RL42 -  She was alone today, in the blazing hot sun of 90 degrees. She later moved up inland.
 Ka'ale and RN14
ba ba Benny
Birds eye view of Rocky and PO3 - very cool shot
A couple of shots from my buddy Po from today on the Moku Nui.  He reported 4 seals 3 adult and one weaner ( same as yesterday). 

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