Saturday, July 8, 2017

7/8/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Benny, RL42, RIP, RN14, Luana, Ka'ena, Right Spot, RJ22 Kauai, Pohaku, PK3

Team Billand :
Benny RE74 at Maili - He was facing the ocean, it was hard to get around to get an Id shot, tide was ZERO again.   1:30 pass, BENNY WAS GONE...TIDE RISING

RL42 and RIP at 20 min mark - Both were at same location, just 10 feet apart, both snoozing in peace. RIp was tough to get his tag shot...I waited and waited for movement...nope. LOTS OF PEOPLE OUT...there were 7 Netters below, but they moved on.

RN14 at Kahe - He wasnt up early morn...went to next check and he was there alone on rocks. TIde was rising fast, he was getting wet, he moved up higher. I think he will leave soon. There were two tourists who saw him and were taking pics from cliff of RN14. I stuck around in case any thing...but they left and I was happy.

Gayle sent a photo Right Spot at Kaupo Beach and commented she saw 3 seals on Rabbit Island. We can guess one of them is Aka, but truth be told I don't know if we'll ever get IDs of Rabbit Island seals again. I do find it comforting knowing that Gayle took the time to look and let us know. Thank you Gayle!

Our Pal Val sent some shots of PK1 who got his bling and is now known as RJ22. Also she sent some great shots of PK3 and Pohaku.

From Marilyn:
Lesley Mcpherson, Diane Gabriel and I hiked to Ka'ena Point from the Mokuleia side today. 

 At 0835 we found RN58 (Luana) at Hidden Beach. She has started her molt. We also saw her on the hike back to the parking lot where observation of her belly showed that she is about 5% molted. 

 At 1151 we found RO40 (Ka'ena) snoozing away on the runway at KP. The morning glare made photos of him difficult. 

 We also enjoyed seeing a number of the albatross chicks testing their wings for their upcoming fledge.
Luana RN58
 Beginning her molt
Right Spot
PK1 has bling BLING - RJ22
 PK3 (Pohaku's Kid)  look at that face!
 are you my mother?  don't just lay there like a log :-)
 natural bleach mark left fore flipper
 Momma digging in the sand (Pohaku)

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