Monday, July 24, 2017

7/24/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Ka'ale RH32@Kahe, Lei Ola RH48 & RL42@ Makua Cliffs, Kekoa RK72@Maili, Rocky & Kaimana

We have a couple of video clips of Rocky and PO3 hanging out. Thank you Gayle!  

Team Billand found adult male, with scar on right side of face, broken tag, molted belly. Turns out to be Kekoa RK72 at Maili,  Kekoa was born out at Reef Runway to Ewa Girl back in 2011.  Boy do I miss Ewa Girl, so majestic!  

At Makua Cliffs they found RL42 and Lei Ola RH48 together in one spot. Both girls appear to be in good health. RL42 without a hook and newly molted.

Ka'ale RH32 was spotted at Kahe today alone.  Barbara also sent in some shots of the muddy road, not a fun day to hike today.  Good for the seals, crappy for dedicated posse!

Lei Ola & RL42
 That's a lot of wet muddy road
Rocky and Kaimana (momma hug)
Video clips

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