Sunday, July 30, 2017

7/30/2017 Monk Seal Dailies:

Fun day Sunday!  POHAKU back on Oahu !!   Team Billand found Pohaku R028 and Ka'ena R040 at Waikomos at 6 am.  Apparently there was a net off shore and a couple of men were in the water and retrieved it. Pohaku and Ka'ena hauled out.  Pohaku looking a little thin.  Team Billand called the hotline.  They stayed until 8:30 am, volunteer showed up at 8:00 with signs.

After Team Billan left Pohaku and Ka'ena they found RL42 at Makua Cliffs tucked away on the rocks alone.

Team Billands last find of the day was Ka'ale at Kahe sleeping until a wave hit him and he galumphed up higher. Barbara noticed a fishing line coming from his mouth. She didn't see any hook attached, but the line was coming out of right corner of mouth, next to the old hook. They immediately notified NOAA. 

Marilyn went to Makai Pier for a couple of hours to check out Rabbit Island. She only saw one seal who will go down as a U/U.  While at the pier she spied an adult seal at Kaupo Beach Park near surfing beach. It turned out to be Right Spot (R016) which was confirmed by Gayle M who is in the picture (Hi Gayle!)

At 1522 she received a call via DB's cell from HPD reporting a seal at Sandy Beach near the sewer outfall. She did a quick run over, called the hotline and took pictures and left while HPD was still on site. Marilyn ID'd Buster from the dark patch on his upper left chest, his male belly and left eye scar.

Mail from Gayle confirmed Right Spot at Kaupo Beach Park and Buster at Sandy Beach. Gayle hung out until 19:20 at Sandys' with a volunteer.

 Pohaku RO28 and Ka'ena RO40 
 Geesh !!   poor little guy
U/U at Rabbit Island
Right Spot

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