Saturday, July 29, 2017

7/29/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Right Spot R016, RL42, Ka'ale RH32, Ka'ena RO40, Luana RN58, Ua Malie RT10&PO4

Today's Dailies cover a lot of beach.... thank you to Gayle, Team Billand, Marilyn and hiking partner Diane.  We start the dailies with Gayle finding Right Spot once again at Kaupo Beach (it's almost a month now she's been here)...  wonder what she's up to?  (Only Right Spot knows)

Team Billand reported RL42 at Makua Cliffs early morning and she remained there through out the day and was still there on their last check after 5pm.

Team Billands' next find was Ka'ale at Kahe. He still has the tiny hook which is getting rusty but he's still doing fine. They did multiple checks throughout the day and he remains in snooze mode.

Marilyn did her Saturday trek to Ka'ena Point with Diane from the Mokuleia side. At 8:29 am they located Luana RN58 at 10 minute beach. She was there at 12:10 on their way out.  She was ID'd by female belly, newly molted coat, upper chest scar and RN58 tag.

At 9:40 am they found RO40 Ka'ena in BGs pool. He was still there when they returned at 11:05. He was ID'd by male belly, dorsal pit scar, forehead scar and N9 applied beach.

At 10:04, they spotted an animal on the beach at the east end of Ka'ena's Pool. This seal proved to be RW02, Kauai PV (permanent visitor). He had departed when they returned. He was ID'd by male belly and RW14 tag.

They has been at the main pool for a bit when they suddenly realized there was a submerged seal. He then headed to the "slot" and left the main pool. He then tried to haul out on the back beach, but when some visitors approached to get photos he left. ID'd by small dorsal pit scar and R47 tag.

After leaving Ka'ena Point Marilyn and Diane  arrived at Turtle Bay at 2:00 to check in on RT10 Ua Malie and PO4.  Initially the pup was difficult to see since he was hiding behind Momma and near the rocks at side of the pool.

 Right Spot
 RL42 @ Makua Cliffs
 Hook still there 
Luana RN58
Ua Malie & PO4
 PO4 peeking out from behind mom

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