Tuesday, July 18, 2017

7/18/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Lei Ola (RH48), Benny (RE74), Rocky RH58, Kaimaina (PO3), Kaiwi (RK96) and Rabbit Island UU

Team Billand was out looking for RL42 with no luck.... They found Lei Ola (RH48) at Maili in the morning and on their afternoon check found her swimming in shallow water.

Team Billand also found Benny (RE74) at the 20 min beach looking pretty scraggly, but resting peacefully.

Gayle spent some time with Rocky, Kaimana and Kaiwi.... Seems as though Rocky is a little more relaxed with Kaiwi, although Gayle said Kaiwi didn't seem so sure.

Thank you Gayle for the shot of Rabbit Island to remind us that critters are out there, although we may not know which ones.... they are out there.

 Lei Ola 
 Hanging out in shallow water
 Rocky, Kaimana, and Kaiwi  
 like this new(?) sign  
 Kaiwi just making sure Rocky isn't going to come after her
 Everyone resting peacefully
 Okay Rocky's on the move
 Kaiwi is out of here!
 Rabbit Island - UU

Video clip shows swimmers and surfer really close approaching from the Outrigger side, the good news they didn't hang around or disturb anyone... just overall a very risky situation.

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