Saturday, July 29, 2017

7/28/2017 Monk Seal Dailies:

It was a busy monk seal day.... Drama unfolds for Rocky and Kaimana see next post for tonight's news story.  Earlier today Marilyn stopped by to visit with Mom and Pup and all was normal for the morning.  Team Billand was out and about, as well as posse pal Gayle.

Team Billand reported RL42 resting on the rocks at 30 min beach before the sun was up. Appears there were lots of fisherman lining the shores... let's hope they're using barbless hooks. Barbara hung out with RL42 for over an hour before leaving for they're next stop.

At Kahe Ka'ale RH32 was on his side and initially made it hard to see if the hook was still there. When they went back for a second look they confirmed the small hook is still present.

Team Billands last find was RIP RR70 at Maili, on the lower rocks snoozing alone. Barb noted some white stuff on his left chest area.... (looking a little like paint)  Marilyn suggested it "could" sea cucumber "splat"

Marilyn checked on Rocky and Kaimana (before the great escape) this morning around 8:40 am, at that time Mom and Pup were swimming on the west side of the channel and about 100 yards out.  They had been out swimming for about two hours when they returned to shore at 9:15am. They hauled out in the fences area and Kaimana nursed and was still nursing when she left about 9:45 am.
(One hungry kid! )

Once again Right Spot R016 was hanging out at Kaupo Beach (I'm going to need to go back and count exactly how many days.... seems like forever, and she's given up her special spot at Turtle Bay.
Gayle also sent us a shot of Rabbit Island.  Thank you Gayle!

 White stuff.... splat?
Rocky and Kaimana
Right Spot 
 UU Rabbit Island


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