Friday, July 14, 2017

714/2017 DB's other Life

Aloha Good People

Last weekend when I spoke with Marilyn she told me a group of body surfers were gathering at Sandy's and had invited her to attend as they honored DB in a paddle out.  This was a very quick gathering and a couple of us went to support Marilyn for the day.  (PLEASE understand there will be a memorial for DB, and as soon as there is information for the Monk Seal Ohana it will be announced) 

It's hard to put into words.... but I was so amazed and touched by the folk from the body boarding ohana.... This was a group of men, woman, husbands, wives and kids.  Many of them met DB when they were teenagers.  DB was very well known at Sandy's with his white van and video camera. He had filmed so many of them as youngsters, which got them exposure, which led to sponsorship, and championships.  DB lived his days with this group of surfers and would follow the waves, as he did with the seals and haul outs. Carefully documenting every detail from sun up to sun down.... only to go home and edit the footage.  It occurred to me, that even though the seals held a special place in his heart, what he did was who he was.... He was committed, diligent, honest, supportive, a teacher, a leader, and loyal to the end. 

The other piece I will share with you.... we all know Kerby, Kainoa and Aka, as seals who were named by DB.  I had the pleasure and privilege to meet. the men for whom these seals were named after.  I now understand WHY he chose those names and honestly will always see their faces when I think of those seals.

There aren't words to express the scope to which this man had an impact on so many people.... the monk seal ohana has suffered a great loss, but we are just a part of this wonderful man's life.  

I am sharing a couple of photos sent to me from Paul Hasley of the actual paddle out.  It was a very moving experience.

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