Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017 Farewell My Dear Friend

Aloha Good People

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness I have to inform you that our beloved DB Dunlap passed away at this home this morning.  DB was scheduled for heart surgery this week after having some problems several weeks back.   My sincerest condolences to Marilyn, DB's friends and family.

Our monk seal ohana will never be the same without him... I have spent the last 9+ years posting his words every evening before I turn in.  I can't believe there won't be another....  Thank you DB for sharing all you have with us, thank you for giving a dam about the monk seals, thank you for 17+ years of pounding the sand every day... and thank you for the 3,248 Dailies on this blog.

Rest in Peace my sensei. 


Anonymous said...


b said...

For ten years, we have learned so much from Mr DB DUNLAP. He was the TRUE SEAL WHISPERER and NO one can ever fill in for him.

He knew all the seals, their birthdays, moms, he never left his chair...he was always on Makai Pier watching out for his kids.

He spoke out for them, protected them with his ropes and signs daily for 17 years.

Everyone knew DB!!! He created his POSSIE...and all would call him with news of a haul out daily. He would go out to the beach and zone them off with great pride. He so loved all seals.

I dont know how to NOT CALL HIM any more with our haul outs. He was our cup of coffee...DB, we got Pohaku or DB, did you hear of ......

Our hearts go out to Miss Marylin, god bless you dear. We are there for you if you ever need us. Prayers to you...Cant believe he is gone.

Olivia used to call him Santa claus with that do I tell HER.

DB, you will never be forgotten!!! Thanks for teaching us all we know and more. Life wont be the same without TALKING TO YA or sending you a pic of a seal I cant ID. I have no one to share with any more...You were our FAMILY and you will be missed .

Now you will be with all your seals that passed...I wish you could text me. DAM IT.

God bless you...God bless you...Rob and I loved you..It wont be the same without DB.

BUT..I think Donna is right, TO CARRY ON DB'S LIFE with monk seals would be what HE WOULD WANT US TO DO. And if we stick together, we can make it happen...some how.

God bless you marylin...we are here if you need us. Any time, any day.

Farewell Seal will be missed.

From all the seals : Snort, WHOOP...BAH...

Carola said...

The seal family will never be the same without you, DB, you will be so missed! ❤️��

Anonymous said...

What truly sad news.
I have so appreciated this blog and the daily sharing of DB's knowledge. My husband and I got to meet DB once a few years ago and look through his scope at Rabbit Island. It was one of the highlights of our trip. The other was finding Honey Girl lying quietly on a beach alone and getting to watch her from a distance. I would not have know who she is, except for DB.
I cannot imagine the empty space left behind for those of you who knew and loved DB, friends and family both. I am so very sorry.

Ella Siroskey said...

OMG!! I am so shocked. My heartfelt thanks to Marilyn and the family for sharing him with us all these years. He truly was an amazing person and we have all learned so much from him over the years. He will truly be missed. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Dana Jones said...

Thank you Donna for continuing and posting a very difficult message to friends and Ohana of Marilyn and DB. The message of committment from DB to us all has been an inspiration to those that took of the gauntlet of preservation of this species. Continuing that message and legacy is the best memorial we can give to DB and Marilyn. She has shared DB and has been a force out there in the trenches right by his side. The monk seal Ohana is fortunate to have been guided by such a leader, even though he just wanted to do his "job". Mahalo to every single person who cares about the seals and Mahalo nui loa Mr. Whisperer for leading us these past many years to creating such a strong and dynamic group of people who have become a monk seal Ohana. I will never forget all your love and support over this past decade of perservence and hope.

Deborah Wickham said...

Aloha All,

Life is precious, so sorry to hear of this sad news.

With loving thoughts from the Big Island.


Jason O'Rourke said...

I was stunned to hear this yesterday. I always looked forward to finding him on the beach at a haul out, and talking with him about his experiences over the years with his seals. Raw, unfiltered and so protective of these beautiful animals.

Marilyn, thank you so much for sharing him with us all, and for being out there with him too. I remember meeting you both at Kea's pup site, and I learned so much from you both. I wouldn't know what I know, or be able to do what I do, without DB's influence on me.


Ella Barsky said...

This saddens me greatly. I did not get the opportunity of meeting him in person and I was looking forward to doing that this summer. What a beautiful human being. A great loss.

selkiedances said...

This is terrible news. I am so sad. Marilyn, I never met you, but I offer my sincere condolences. I have followed the blog for 5 years, tracking back to 2008 when it started. I know Oahu seals and just because of DB. I got to meet him once and followed him around for half a day. DB is an inspiration to all animal observers. His dedication to his "job," was incredible. His description of behaviors and the seals as they grew up will be unsurpassed. I will miss him terribly. I also offer condolences to the entire Ohau Monk Seal community.

Madhatter in Ohio said...

What a terribly sad time, I have been following the blog and reading his words for the last 5 years. He even took the time to answer my questions that I had, such as explaining the different parts of Rabbit Island to me. I was there in 2012 and that is when I first learned about Monk Seals, I found the blog after I returned to Ohio. I have always wanted to meet DB and maybe get to look at Rabbit Island through his scope as he has done each day. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family both human and Seal. I wish I were there to help in any way that I could. RIP DB you are missed by all.

Anonymous said...

������DB ran the Kaiwi Coast...he educated anyone who would listen...I am saddened by knowing there will be many that won't be touched by his kind heart and wise ways.

Vera Cober said...

The seals have lost a great friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with Marilyn. DB, we will keep you close to our hearts. Thank you for all you have done, you will be dearly missed. Glenn, Vera and Arec.

Claudean Sullivan said...

So sorry for your loss. I've been looking out for the seals for less than a year and sometimes I don't get to the beach but I could always go to the blog and see if everything is OK its unfortunate I never had the chance to thank DB personally. So long DB from one seal lover to another.

Erin Green said...

I'm completely heartbroken over the loss of my friend and am at a loss for words. There was no one like him and I will miss him forever. Marilyn, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Sending you warm aloha,
Erin (Green) Dunable

Anonymous said...

Even though i didnt see you all the time it was always a nice surprise to run into you. Will miss seeing you out there. The seals will also miss you. Rest in peace my friend!


Brandie Markos said...

All of us who work at the Makai Research Pier are deeply saddened by this loss. Our deepest condolences to his wife and family of friends. Please keep us posted on a memorial service, as many of us would like to attend to say our farewell to this amazing human being.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Whisperer I am going to miss hearing your voice and the expertise you were always willing to share. I've learned much of what I know from you. No one will ever be able to fill your shoes but I hope that together we can keep pressing forward to share and build up our communities to co-exist with our flipper'd friends. Donna thank you for continuing the blog. My heart aches. Sending big hugs to Mrs. Whisperer, DB's ohana, and the monk seal ohana.

You've done good DB, you've done good!

With love from your favorite sandwich ingredient (inside joke).

Darlene and Todd Van Elslander said...

We are so sad to hear about the loss of DB...such a great man. We met DB at Spitting Cave back in 2012 when he asked my husband and I if we saw any monk seals....I was over the top excited to find out that we could possible see monk seals swimming down below. He talked to us for quite awhile gave us his card and invited us to be part of the monk seal posse...we were hooked on the blog ever since. Every year we spend April on beautiful O'ahu....I talk to DB several times throughout the month to say we found a monk seal or he would give me info on where we could find someone...he knew how much we love them and feel so blessed when we spend time with the critters. When we are back in Canada it is so nice to follow the blog everyday and have a connection to the posse and all the monk seal action. I remember his wonderful laugh the very first time we made the blog because we finally found a seal he hadn't heard about yet...I was so excited! I will miss him telling me "ya done good" or "your worth your weight in Manapua" LOL He was an amazing person who was an educator, mentor but most of all a dear friend to us. DB you will be missed by so many people....To Mrs. Whisperer so sorry for your loss please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We look forward to continuing our search for monk seals and staying in touch with the posse next April. Thank you to Donna and everyone for continuing this blog...I know DB is looking down from heaven with a huge smile ❤️💕
Darlene and Todd Van Elslander....DB's favourite Canadians 🇨🇦 LOL

John Johnson said...

It's so very sad to lose such a wonderful, dedicated person. My first contact with DB was through volunteering at Hanauma Bay when he came in to check our visitors on the ledge. He braved the steep hill and the wasp nests to get the IDs and shots he needed. When I would see seals at Kaena Point I would send him pics for the IDs. He was always helpful and put me in touch with the folks at NOAA. Even after we left HMSTRO in 2009 we kept in touch with the monk seal world via his dailies. It is only because of DB that me and my family, and probably most anyone in Hawaii who knows anything about seals, have more than a passing knowledge of the monks seals and their genealogy. Nobody did outreach like DB via his daily endeavors. It's a sad, sad day for Hawaii and the monk seals. Thank you DB and thank you Marilyn for sharing him with us for all these years.