Thursday, July 6, 2017

7/6/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 3) Kauai Pup Overload!

Our pal Val shared these wonderful photos of her day with some pretty adorable pups. Thank you!
I had to share your observations... brought a smile and wanted to share the opportunity for our readers to get the full picture!

PK1 has been a weaner for almost a week. He cracks me up with his sleeping positions. Gotta love those silly weaners. By the way, PK1 is at least a half brother of KP2!!!

Now for Pohaku (O28) and her pup PK3. Oh my what a hoot to watch. Pohaku was in the water calling for him, the pup wanted NOTHING to do with a swim lesson so he didn't budge. Mom lost that battle and hauled out near him, but would not allow pup to nurse. Well pup was not happy and had quite the conversation with mom. He was biting at her, slapping her and really vocalizing. Mom slapped him a good one, she rolled over and then presented. Pup ate like a pig!! Since he was on the downside of mom, he finished and rolled right into the water!! So I don't know who really won the battle!!
PK1 ( Pup Kauai #1 of 2017)
Pohaku calling to PK2 
 No I don't want to swim
I win! 
 I think I ate too much

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