Sunday, July 23, 2017

7/23/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Ka'ale RH32@Maili, RIP RR70@Makua,

Sunny Sunday - it was hot and humid out there with lots of people on the beaches. There are only a couple of seals on today's blog, maybe they were out riding the king tides.... frolicking in the waves.

Team Billand reported Ka'ale at Maili during low tide tucked in the reef. Later in the day when they checked he was snoozing up in the rocks.  All good, peaceful and not molting yet.

RIP seen by Team Billand @ Makua Cliff snoozing the day away. Although people were out and about they were respectful and RIP got his rest.

Marilyn was heading for the pier and spied Right Spot at Kaupo Beach.  She ID'd her by natural bleach mark on her right side. 

Mrs. Whisperer provided a few pictures of Rabbit Island spotting 2 animals that were reported as U/Us.  (Just makes me realize everyday how much data DB logged each day)

Thank you Marilyn for the link to NOAA's Q&A Session at Kaimana Beach.  This video is 40 minutes, so make a POT of coffee and get yourself a snack.  Enjoy!

 Rabbit Island
 Right Spot - nice shot 
Video of Aliza and Charles answering Questions about Rocky & PO3 and general monk seal questions.

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