Wednesday, July 5, 2017

7/5/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: RIP & RL42 @ 20 min, Benny @ Paradise Cove, Rocky&PO3, Kaiwi at

Today's news come from Team Billand who found RIP (R70) & RL42 at 6:50 am having words with each other. They both settled in between the rocks and all was peaceful again.

Barbara was on the Ka'ena side when she got a call about a seal at Paradise Cove, she was able to call it in and by the time she arrived at Paradise Cove she found da Benny (RE74).   HMMA volunteer was at the site.

Rocky and PO3 (Kaimana) had lots of visitors today.... Thank you all for sharing.  Team Billand, Tammy T and Gayle!  As a bonus they all reported Kaiwi around the corner at the Elks....  

RIP and RL42
 da Benny at Paradise cove
Rocky and PO3 (Kaimana) Team Billand
 Pup in a milk coma
Rocky and Pup at 5:49 AM
 someone needs a tissue
Tammy reported Mom and the kid going in for a swim at 6:00 am and staying in until 7:19.... pretty good swim session for a 6 day old
Kaiwi at OCC
Pup's new play pen
 Buoys were put out in the water as part of the pupping zone
 and lifeguards added no swimming signs.
Thank you Gayle... little PO3
 a little video clip of this kid's big flapping flippers

Lastly a photo submitted by Peter B (friend of Marilyn)  

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