Tuesday, July 25, 2017

7/25/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Kekoa, Lei Ola, RIP, Ka'ale, Ua Malie&PO4, Right Spot

Today's dailies come from our some of our faithful posse folks, Team Billand, Gayle and Vickie. Thank you all !

Team Billand found Kekoa RK72 at Maili, he was on the lower  rocks when they arrived. They ID'd Kekoa from the scar on the right side of his face and broken tag.  Later in the afternoon they checked on him and found him snoozing in a water hole.

Barbara first spotted Lei Ola (RH48) at Makua Cliffs asleep on the rocks.  Shortly after saw another seal's head pop over the rocks. Initially she was unable to ID based on just the dome of its head and half of it's body submerged in tidal pool by Lei Ola.  On their next visit she was able to ID the seal as RIP RR70.

Team Billand's last find of the day was Ka'ale RH33 on top of the rocks at Kahe. He was sleeping as the rising tide was washing over. 

Team Billand also sent a couple of pictures of dolphins jumping in mid air moving full speed ahead.

Posse pal Vicki sent some pictures from Ua Malie and PO4 hanging out at the shore line. (Thank you Vicki)

And last but not least Gayle found Right Spot at Kaupo today.  Speaking of Right Spot there was some video clips of her today in the water knocking down a sign which floated away. I saw this on Instagram earlier today.  Don't know if the sign was pulled out if the water or if it washed out.  I guess Ms. Right Spot didn't like what the sign had to say :-)  (lol).

Kekoa Alii RK72
 Lei Ola and RIP 
 Lei Ola RH48
Ka'ale RH32
Dolphin on the go
 Ua Malie RT10 & PO4
Right Spot (R016)

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