Wednesday, July 12, 2017

7/12/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Rocky Links, Monk Seals in the News, Rabbit Island, Rocky and Kaimana

Monk seals in the news and a Live Webcam to Rocky and Kaimana.  I thought some of you away from the islands might enjoy the live link.  The timely story of a mother seal going after a wild-life employee out at Midway.

Posse member Tammy was at Kaimana beach to spend a little time with Rocky and the little one.
Arriving at 7 am, while mom and the kid were sleeping she decided to check on Kaiwi, to see how her molt was progressing.

I got to Kaimana around 7, the volunteer said they went for a swim around 5am for about an hour. So I figured I would get sleeping for a while. Finally, pup got up and headed towards the water. Rocky yelled to come back. Pup came back, nuzzled mom for a little while then headed right back into the water. Rocky followed pup cause pup wasn't stopping. They went into the water at 9:54. They went all the way to the end of the groin, swam along the wall but hung out at the end of the groin. Looked like pup was trying to do dives.
In the afternoon Dave and I went to Turtle Bay to see if any seals were there. We saw Ipo at Kuilima cove.

I had to leave at 10:45 and they were still im the water. I had a friend that stopped by soon after I left and said they didn't come out of the water til around 12:30, almost 2 1/2 hour swim! Also, as soon as mom and pup got into the water the ocean safety guy in the tower got on his megaphone to warn people. As soon after that there was an ocean safety guy on a jet ski, just past mom and pup to make sure swimmers stayed away.

In the afternoon Dave and I went to Turtle Bay to see if any seals were there. We saw Ipo at Kuilima cove.

Last but certainly not least... posse member Vicki stopped by the pier to look at Rabbit Island... she could not ID the animal she spotted but guesses a good chance it's Aka.  She captured a beautiful shot of the island.

Kaiwi molt still progressing
 she's going for the bald crown look
 Belly nice and clean so estimated 25% molted
Rocky and Kaimana
Two and half hour swim
Good shot of pup size compared to mom
Rabbit Island view


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Excellent DB photo!!

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Love it. Beautiful picture.