Tuesday, July 18, 2017

DB Memories: Link to film clip

A couple of years ago a young film maker came to Hawaii to make a documentary about Hawaiian monk seals. Andrew Eitelberg is still working on this documentary. He was extremely generous in sharing this clip of DB. Thank you Andrew!

 If anyone is unable to view this link PLEASE let me know and I will see what I can do to make it available.  (It links through facebook)

This clip is sooo DB, the words so many of us have heard him say.... so nice to be able to see and hear his voice.



b said...

Ok, this is so DB, doing his Monk Seal observations, protecting good ole BUSTER and educating a lady on shore. WOW...it really felt GREAT to see DB once again in his world and TO HEAR HIS BIG VOICE...PRICELESS.

Its so hard to know he will never be around, but, HE WILL. HE WILL BE OUT THERE, doing his thing as always. DAM WE SO MISS THIS GREAT MAN who was known to all as: DB DUNLAP, Monk Seal Whisperer.

Thanks Andrew this interview is special as he was HAPPY DOING HIS THING...always.

I cant stop my tears, I cant. I have to watch this interview again and again to get my fix of this man wearing his floppy hat, his seal shirt, who carried all those signs in back of his car. Who was ready at any time to get to the beach where a seal was hauled out. He told us, it was like his fireman job, get the call, get to site immediately.

Look at him so cute, really happy to talk about his seals to ANYONE.

And what he said to KNOW ALL THE SEALS THAT CAME TO RABBIT ISLAND, to see the mom, her kids and grandkids on shore was a SPECIAL GIFT for him. He was only to happy to share through his DB DAILIES every single day. BEAUTIFUL MAN.

Thanks ANDREW...YA DONE GOOD as DB would always say.

DB, WE MISS YOU...this video is a TREASURE...THANKS ANDREW from our hearts. GOD BLESS YOU....TEAM BILLAND.

Diga said...


Here is the youTube link to the video: https://youtu.be/uZiK_098YDU

So lucky to get to know this special man. He was so genuine... His dedication to the seals was pure. Forever in our hearts.


Darlene and Todd Van Elslander said...

To B Billand your beautiful words are touching and you summed up this treasured video so well...we couldn't say it better how SPECIAL and such a GIFT it is to see DB doing what he loved and to hear his wonderful voice again. Thank you Team Billand for all you do and your dedication to the seals....it is incredible!

Also thank you Donna for putting up the link on the blog for all of us to see...your dedication to the monk seals and this blog is also amazing! Since we can't be there right now this blog is a great way to connect to the monk seals and all the special people that make up DB's wonderful dedicated posse!! He must be looking down from heaven so proud of everyone for continuing (doing the best we can without him) to carry on his great work. In addition we appreciated the link to Rocky and Kaimana's live webcam...so special to see them from so far away....and for sharing the tribute to DB at Sandy beach....crazy how one great man touched so many people...whether it is the body boarding community or his passion for the seals....just beautiful ❤️
We are grateful for this video from Andrew...can't wait to see the documentary!!

Aloha DT Van Elslander from Canada