Thursday, July 6, 2017

7/6/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 1) Team Billand

We watched the pup and Rocky from 8:30 to about 11:30am. Saw two feeds and a busy pup, going around Mom, in front and to side. Amazing little one. And it played with a yellow leaf for a while, mouthing it. Even had a rock in its mouth. So young and so inquisitive already.

Visited with Kaiwi and we were with the LOVELY, MRS WHISPERER, Marylin Dunlap. It was an emotional time, but we got through this day together in Peace and Appreciation. I am glad we decided to meet made things so much better today. It was a HAPPY OCCASION. God bless Mrs Dunlap. .. we are FAMILY!!!! Thanks DB for bringing us together to watch the seals.

 And Kaiwi left her spot, swam with people, went around the wall to Kaimana Beach with Rocky and Pup, gave a snort, then LEFT FOR THE DAY. COOL.

Kaale found first, ALONE. THEN OUT POPPED RN14 and both rested on the rocks in peace. YEEHA....thrilled to find both of them after not seeing them a couple of days. JOY JOY, HAPPY HAPPY. I think DB is showing us OUR PATH TO TAKE. It feels WONDERFUL!!!!!

Look at this, we found RW02...its been a while since finding this guy. He is healthy, robust and happy. No new markers..looks great. Locals were down below, we were concerned if they would go close. We hung out, more folks came. A kid threw rocks, but Rob talked to kid and MOM GAVE HIM HECK. On next check after my walk, we found local fishermen below, fishing...gear in front of seal, but, all fishermen were respectable and seal remains sleeping on rocks.

WOW, there were two seals below cliffs, they were arguing, RL42 not happy with RIPS advances. She galumphed away from him, but he was up her BUTT, and they finally settled after RL42, VOCALIZED IN HIS FACE. YOU GO GIRL.

 Rocky RH58 and Pup Waikiki 8:30am to 11:30am
What a GREAT shot... thanks Team Billand
 At first I thought this was another seal, but noooo it's a swimmer... Wonder who won the race? 
 Kaiwi going to check out Rocky and PO3
 RN14 and Ka'ale
RIP and RL42 @ 20 min walk
 You tell him !!

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