Monday, July 31, 2017

7/31/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Benny(RE74)&Pohaku(RO28), RL42, RIP(RR70)

At 6:15 am Team Billand saw two seals hauling out at Waikomos. ID'd prove to be Benny RE74, and Pohaku RO28.  Benny approached her aggressively, she put him off, they barked out an argument and then settled for the day high up on shore.  Hotline was called and volunteer was on site. Team Billand departed at 8:40 am.

Team Billand's next find was RL42 at Makua Cliffs.  She was up on the rocks alone and resting. She was still there after their 40 minute walk.

In Maili Team Billand found RIP RR70 on his own resting on the lower rocks. He was there in the morning and in the afternoon. Had some visitors who were happy to talk about seals with Barbara.

Gayle stopped by Waikiki this morning and caught mom&pup having a water session. There was a swimmer doing laps, but according to Gayle he was unaware of the seals.  When she returned in the afternoon mom&pup were snoozing on the beach.

Gayle also looked for Right Spot at Kaupo Beach but came up empty. But she did take a peak at Rabbit Island and found a UU sleeping up against a tree branch on shore.

Last but by no means least Posse pal Vicki had a visit with Ua Maili and PO4.  Thank you Vicki!

 Benny & Pohaku
 ba ba ba Benny !!
back off Benny boy!
 settled in and all is quiet
RL42 @ Makua Cliffs
RIP @ Maili
UU at Rabbit Island
Rocky RH58 and PO3 Kaimana
Ua Malie and PO4

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