Wednesday, July 19, 2017

7/19/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: R3CU, Benny, Lei Ola, Ua Malie & PO4, Rocky & Kaimana, R5AY

Aloha Good People

We got sighting from all over today... and we have two mommas and two pups.  
First Team Billand was out at Ka'ena Point and found R3CU, Benny at 30 minute mark and Lei Ola at 40 min mark, unfortunately no sign of RL42.

Gayle was out with Rocky and Kaimana and sent us some great shots. She was told Kaiwi left early this morning with some urging (probably from Rocky). Gayle did not see Kaiwi the rest of the day. 

Gayle went out and checked out Rabbit Island and spotted two seals... due to the bad visibility no photos are available.

Our friend Tammy and Dave (Team T&D) went out to check out Ua Malie and PO4.  Word is PO4 hasn't taken a dip in the water yet.... but is moving about and feeding just fine.  I have faith Ua Malie will get PO4 in the water soon enough.

I spied on facebook from Tony that R5AY was hanging out in Hauula today. Good to see Honey Girl looking shiny and new.  

Thank you everyone for your continued support ....  DB would be very proud, and probably a little taken aback by the outpouring of love.

 Lei Ola
Ua Malie and PO4
 Momma is big!  I would say this little one is going to turn out to be a biggie
 Look how teenie!
 what's happening here
 thanks mom... hiding behind your flipper always helps
PO3 Kaimana getting chubby
Honey Girl R5AY
 Hey Grandma looking good!

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