Sunday, July 16, 2017

7/16/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Ka'ale and RL42

Aloha Good People

I hope your Sunday was a good one. I received multiple photos showing RL42 going through her molt and unfortunately with a hook and lead dangling from her mouth.  This was reported to NOAA early this morning.... Hopefully they'll be able to get to her in a safe place.  Please note her current location on the rocks is not a good spot from them to approach her.  Often times the hook will come out on it's own.  Let's hope for that... and soon.    It's fairly safe to say if your hiking out at Ka'ena Point and see her, please call it in with as much information as possible so the NOAA folks keep track of her progress.

In less dramatic news Ka'ale was reported looking green and healthy.

 this can't be comfortable
 let's hope eating isn't a problem

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b said...

Hi, yes L42 was found at 7:46am with a hook in mouth. NO FISHING LINE SEEN. BUT saw a LEADER LINE about 12 inches hanging from her mouth. There was the PIG TAIL and swivel with a EGG SHAPED LEAD also hanging. She was resting on ROCKS. I did call NOAA as soon as I noticed the hook...dam it.

And no NOAA cant do any thing right now with seal on rocks. She has to get to a sandy area, which there is none until she goes to Kaena Pt side, hopefully back beach soon.

L42 had left the area and relocated, to my surprise on way out.

There were lots of fishermen out there today.,.incredible .

I also noted she is molting poor thing.

Prayers to MISS L42!!!

PS...Glad Rockys Pup is a ..... FEMALE.