Thursday, July 27, 2017

7/27/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: UU@Makaha, RL42@Makua Cliffs, RIP, Ka'ena@Ka'ena Point, Ka'ale@Kahe, Right Spot@Kaupo and UU@Rabbit Island

Aloha Good People! Today's dailies is brought to you by Team Billand, Team T&D, and Gayle.  With great appreciation for your continued dedication and support.

Team Billand out and about bright and early 6:45 am, doing their rounds Robert noticed a seal cruising the shoreline in Makaha.  (Their "educated guessiment" is Benny... but was reported as a U/U. At 7a m they dropped by the fish hole, and seal was passing by.... still thinking it's Benny, the seal kept swimming towards Ka'ena way and they they lost sight of it.

Team Billand found RL42 resting comfortably alone at Makua Cliffs. If you look closely it looks like some teeth marks on her chest. Makes you wonder how that happened?

Next, Team Billand found RIP RR70 looking grubby snoozing at that back beach Ka'ena Point.

They also found Ka'ena at the runway. He is looking "huge and grubby". Guess he's been letting himself go.... he needs to molt and get back into shape :-)

Their next find was Ka'ale at Kahe, still with small hook. He is really green, it will be nice to see him when he molts away all that green.,,, and hopefully he'll lose the hook soon.

Lastly Team Billand's biggest find of the day.... $5.00 !!!

Tammy and Dave (Team T&D)  were also out at Ka'ena Point today. They reported both Ka'ena and RIP.

Tonight's email from Gayle reported Right Spot still hanging out at Kaupo Beach. (guess she's given up her space at Turtle Bay).  Gayle also sent a photo of Rabbit Island UU.

 Ka'ena RO40 
 RIP RR70 

 Ka'ale RH32
 small hook on right side
Team T&D Ka'ena RO40
 Right Spot R016
 Rabbit Island
Barbara's 5 Dollar Find

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