Tuesday, July 4, 2017

7/4/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Rocky&PO3@Kaimana, UU@Makaha, RL42&Rip@Makua Cliffs, RN14@Maili

Hard to say Happy 4th of July, but I do hope you all had a chance to enjoy the day with your loved ones. 

Team Billand of course were out and about... I am sure it was a difficult day, and I thank you for continuing your efforts. We (posse folks) are relying on you to share your sightings and help us ID some of our critters. 

Marilyn sent in photo from the Outrigger Canoe Club with Mama Rocky and PO3, along with Kaiwi. It must have been a mob scene between the seals and the Macfarlane canoe race. 

In yesterday's news I received a photo from Lisa who was diving on Saturday in Makaha... Perhaps on of you with a trained eye can ID this cutie

Lastly Happy 4th Birthday Kea!!

First find @8:20 am RL42 and RIP at Makua Cliffs. Although there were lots of folks out and about these two managed to rest peacefully.
RN14 @ 2:06 PM at Maili
UU at Makaha seen on Saturday.... ANYONE have any thoughts?
Thank you Lisa for sharing... hope we can ID this cutie.
 Rocky, PO3 and Kaiwi - Oh what a day at the outrigger.
Thank you Marilyn - I'm sure it was a difficult day... but nothing like seeing a Mama and Pup. For sharing a photo from some visiting friends.
We have a BIRTHDAY... who can forget 7/4/2013 ! 
Happy 4th Birthday Kea!!  

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b said...

I will take a chance with out talking it over with DB, MY MENTOR...that the U/U is :

She has those scratches under belly going both ways. She goes Makaha now and then to forage.

We didnt find her on that day of June 1st.

I cant zoom in but I do see those familiar scratches under belly.

Dam it, I miss my talks with DB...maybe you need to ask NOAA...THE EXPERTS with better info.

I wish DB could TEXT FROM HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This isnt easy...I am having a difficult time.

Thanks Donna for doing your share of keeping this going. I appreciate you, and Marylin, you are awesome to go see the pup with ROCKY and KAIWI...thats amazing.

WHAT IF KAIWI WILL PUP .......THERE with ROcky and pup. Oh my gosh. We wont go there, right?

Prayers to Marylin.....