Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7/26/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: RL42@Makua Cliffs, Ka'ale RH32@Maili, Benny RE74@Makaha, Ua Malie&PO4, RightSpot R016@Kaupo, & Rabbit Island UUs

Today our posse was busy out there today!  Team Billand, Team T&D, Vicki, and Gayle all reported seals.  Thank you all for your travels today.

At 6:00 am Team Billand spotted RL42 at Makua Cliffs struggling to climb up on the rocks during low tide.  They noted she "may" have a very small line scar on the bottom of her chin where the hook was located.  

Next at 6:45 am Team Billand found Ka'ale at Maili and noticed a shiny object.  Once they took the picture were able to determine a small hook about an inch without a line.  He seemed fine, no stress.
Barbara took it a step further and re-checked yesterdays photos when he was at Kahe, looks like he was hooked yesterday.  Team Billand reported and texted a photo to NOAA. They checked on him three times throughout the day, each time he was not in any distress and resting comfortably.
( I just want to shout out to Team Billand for being the out there day after day finding and reporting our seals.  They have been responsible for reporting more hooked seals and following through with reports to NOAA) 

The last seal Team Billand found was da Benny RE74 alone resting on the shore. He's going to be 15 next month!

Vicki spent a little time with Ua Malie and PO4 today, as well as letting me know she took a look at Rabbit Island early today and saw 2 bumps (this is what we are reduced to without DB, bumps on Rabbit Island).

Gayle also reported Right Spot at Kaupo Beach park and was told she had spent the night there. Gayle also took a look at Rabbit Island today.

Tammy of Team T&D was out visiting Ua Malie and PO4 at 6 am.  Pup started stirring around 7 am and then Mom and Pup were in the water playing around 7:30 am.  Pup took the hard route over a big log and Mom led the pup in the tide pool, while she rested and the pup played. They hauled out about 9 am for a feed.

After the morning session with Ua Malie and PO4 Team T&D were united and checked on Right Spot at Kaupo Beach and they ALSO checked on Rabbit Island.

(I just want to say how wonderful it is everyone is trying to keep their eyes on Rabbit Island. We all know there is a slim chance in hell we'll ID anyone but it's still good to note there are "bumps" out there).

 Da Hook !  little one - hopefully he'll get rid of it soon
 I can do this... I'm 5 !!!
 Right Spot - thank you Gayle
 Volunteers were on site watching over her.
 Gayle's Rabbit Island View
Team T&D's Rabbit Island View
 Right Spot hanging out in the tide pool

Ua Malie and PO4 - Tammy
OMG I bend backwards and touch my flipper 
Ua Malie and PO4  from Vicki

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