Saturday, July 22, 2017

7/22/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: RL42, RIP(RR70), Ka'ena(RR40), Ka'ale(RH32), Holokai(RG40), Luana(RN58) and a U/M

Today was a good day... no it was a great day.  Team Billand found RL42 today completely molted and WITHOUT a hook !   As DB would say "you done good" !  (both RL42 and Team Billand). 

Team Billand also reported RIP at Ka'ena Point 8:27 am , he was on his back snoozing by the main pool.

As they passed Maili spotted a seal on the rocks. When they got to the site two people were there and the seal was leaving, rolling in the water.  Persistence paid off the seal pulled out on the rocks below and they were able to ID Ka'ale.

Marilyn did the Ka'ena point trek with Diane from the Mokuleia side at 8:31am they found Holokai and Luana together by hidden beach. 

At 9:49 they found they found RIP on the rocks beyond the main pool at Ka'ena Point.

At 10:10 a monk seal swimming from the west, check out the main pool and proceeded to check out the nooks and crannies for chicks as he moved east.  They lost him beyond BG's pool.   (Ka'ena?)

And last but not least Gayle sent a photo of a U/M at China Wall (she thinks maybe it was Buster, but no positive ID).
RL42 - No HOOK !!
 and her shiny new coat
 ready for take off
 ummm maybe not
Luana and Holokai
 sweet !
U/M at china wall!
that's all folks!  thank you for sharing.

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