Tuesday, July 11, 2017

7/11/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Rocky&Kaimana, Buster, Seals on Rabbit Island, Holokai, Kaiwi (yesterday news)

Mrs. Whisperer reported on Rocky and Kaimana:
I visited Rocky (RH58) and Kaimana (P03) at Kaimana Beach this morning. According to witnesses, at around 0820 before I arrived, Rocky and Kaimana swam clear to the Diamond Head wall of the Natatorium and back. This was before the lifeguard arrived, but the HMMA/HMAR volunteer and concerned bystanders requested people to clear the way and most complied. There is new signage warning about the danger of a mother monk seal.

Mom and pup were snoozing when I arrived but later went for a swim that took them close to the sea wall between Kaimana and OCC and almost to the outer reaches of that wall. There were many adoring fans. I am still not willing to guess the sex of P03.

Apparently Kaiwi (RK96) had been at OCC either late yesterday or early today. Witnesses reported that she is molting (so no pup from her this year). I found quite a few pieces of her molt on the sand.

Gayle was on it today and reported Buster (V08) at Sandy's, she also sent a shot of Rabbit Island she noted seeing 3 animals on the island.  Without being able to positively ID any one of them fit the size of what would Aka.

Posse member Vicki H. was out at Turtle Bay and reported tag ID G40 Holokai snoozing at Right Spots spot. (which she hasn't hung out at for some time).

Yesterday's News: Tony Q posted some photos of Kaiwi at OCC beginning her molt.  Thanks Tony, hope you don't mind we shared them here.

Buster at Sandys
 Rabbit Island Aka?
 So what's happening here? Is the kid doing a flip or is Momma crushing it? :-)
 Rocky and Kaimana's fan club.  
 Kaimana Life is good 
 Holokai G40
Yesterday's News Kaiwi molting photos from Tony Q (facebook)
this is how she looked in the morning.

and by late afternoon....

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