Sunday, July 10, 2016

HMMA Update from July 9th

The day began at 0740 with a report of a tagged molting seal just east of Turtle Bay Resort. The numbers on the tag was not visible at the time of sighting. Karen later ID'ed the seal at Ipo (RI37).

At 0840 a report came in about a seal in Waikiki. Colleen responded but the seal was no longer present when she arrived to the location of the seal haulout.

Marilyn checked in from Kaena Point at 1235 with a report of Squinty (R330), Rip (RR70), Luana (RN58) , RL42, and Kaena (RO40). Kaena was observed with no hook!

At 1335 another Turtle Bay Resort sighting was reported however, an ID could not be made.

Marilyn checked in at 1336 from Mokuleia and reported 2 seals east of the pup site. The seals were ID'ed as Benny (RE74) and RK36.

At 1352 another Turtle Bay report came in about a swimming seal. No Id was made.

At 1525 a report came in of a seal east of the pill box at Kawela Bay.

At 1612 Marilyn checked in with a report of Kolohe (RW22) at Lanai Lookout.

No further words on the unknown seals at this time.

UU at Kawela Bay

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