Sunday, July 10, 2016

7/10/2016 Late Input Kaiwi and PO4 - Thank you Melanie

Melanie's battery was running a little low so she only had these two shots to send in... nice one of them in the SPZ.  Apparently the east side of the SPZ was knocked down or damaged... to the point she and Marilyn spent from 4-7 repairing the area.   Now what kind of person would cause damage like that.... REALLY !!   - Thank you to Marilyn and Melanie for taking the time in this heat to make sure the area was secured and safe. 


Liz said...

Busy times for Monk Seal Volunteers...sorry I am not on Island to help.

Nicole Montey said...

Hello Donna,
I take photos of Kaiwi and pup when I am out watching and was wondering if I could send them to you when I get some good ones!

Nicole Montey

Donna said...

Aloha Nicole !! Of course you can email them to
I ask you pick 3 to 4 shots, label them and try to send a smaller jpg file... (not too small)

I look forward to seeing them.