Friday, July 15, 2016

7/15/2016 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi&PO4@AD, Aukai,Kea,Kala&Kekoa@Rabbit Island, Ua Malie&PO5@Turtle Bay, Hooked R8HY@Westside, Pohaku&PK3@Kauai

On her 0530 check Marilyn found Kaiwi&PO4(D#30), doing a feed on difficult water front rock terrain. Nice sunrise too.

 At 0922 I found a 1005 molted Aukai (RL12) and Kea (RN46) together, mid beach above Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island. Both would remain all day.

 On a pan at 0945 I found a newly arrived Kala (RH76) and Kekoa (RK72) on the left end rock flats. They also would remain all day.

 Team Billand’s first check in came at 0927, advising that they had been following a swimming animal from Yoke’s to Pray For Sex (Makua). At 0940 they called again with a confirmed (by tag) ID of R8HY. The 1000 call was a bit more disturbing, in that they advised there was a visible large hook, with line and swivel in the lower right jaw. Tracy was immediately notified. He never hauled out, and the Billands continued their observations until losing him at 1100. Keep your eyes open guys. The boy needs your help.

 I awoke dark and early as usual hoping to find something on the blog about the Turtle Bay news, from HMMA, but alas there was nothing. Tammy & Dave went up today and provided some Ua Malie & PO5 shots. Thanks guys !!

 Our pal Val came through with shots of Pohaku & PK3 from her shift today. Thanks Val !!!

 OMG it's the monk seal version of "cat dog"
no.... it's just Kea and Aukai 
 Kekoa and Kala
 Beautiful sunrise at AD
 good morning Kaiwi and PO4
AND here's the big NEWS  Ua'Malie and PO5
 pup #5
 PO3 and PO4 look huge compared to this little munchkin 
Be on the LOOK OUT for R8HY adult male with hook
 Hook exposed on right lower part of his mouth
to quote my friend Val "Today while "pup" sitting, this man, (think his name was Dick) decided he had the right to walk thru the mom and pup resting area. Hmm......not a smart idea, this momma is very protective of her pup. Please gIve wild animals their space. In other words, don't be a DICK!!"
 Oh boy we're quite roly poly
 Pohaku still has her flipper on things

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