Friday, July 22, 2016

7/22/2016 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi&PO4@AD, Kolohe,Cass,Kala,Kainoa&U/F@Rabbit Island, RIP@Makua Cliffs, Ua Malie&PO5, Holokai@Turtle Bay, Pohaku&PK3@Kauai,

On Marilyn’s 0530 check Kaiwi&PO4 where hign up on the beach in the Morning Glory. No word since then.

 At 0832 I found what would prove to be Kolohe (RW22) up in the vegetation, 40 ft left of Seal Rock Inlet, on Rabbit Island. I could also see a partially visible animal in the high grass to the right of SRI, which later prove to be Cass (RG06). The two would later move down and spend time together. Cass would remain there while Kolohe of off to look for chicks.

 On a pan at 0832 I found Kala (RH76) just hauling out left of IBS.

 At 0913 Kainoa (RN04) would appear from the back of the beach, left of 1BS, and galumph down to join Kala. They would enter the water together at 0940, and haul out together back at 1BS at 1031, and spend the remainder of the day there. For those of you that are not up on the limbs & branches of the family trees, you should know that Kainoa is the 2013 son , and Kala the 2016 daughter of Sadie (RB12). All of the above are products of the legendary Ewa Girl (RS00). I’m afraid all of this info may well be lost in the new era, so I thought I’d stimulate your minds with those factoids.

 At 0934 the U/F of the last coupla’ days, hauled out fronting 1BS. Once again I was not able to get anything to give me a clue as to ID, and now it’s a moot point since her molt has progressed to the point that the markers I was hoping to see and no longer there. She was 60% molted as of today. Shortly after she hauled out Kolohe would arrive to spend the rest of the day with her.

 At 1005 Team Billand reported RIP (RR70) at Makua Cliffs, The NOAA vaccination team was on it and gave RIP his booster.

 I heard a rumor of Ka’ale at the Mokuleia site, with RK36 down the beach aways. No further word. 

Diane Gabriel did the afternoon at Turtle Bay, and provided her usual outstanding shots of Ua Malie&PO5, and Holokai(RG40) at Right Spot’s Spot.

 Our Pal Val sent the latest shots of Pohaku (RO28)&PK3 from Kauai. Thanks Val !!!

 How cute is this? Older brother Kainoa and little sister Kala
 Sadie's kids and Ewa Girl's grandkids... boy do I miss Ewa Girl!
 kolohe and cass

 Kolohe and UF
Kaiwi and PO4
 Color is changing
 getting bigger
 life is good

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Madhatter said...

One of my favorite monk seal pose,when the pup lay on their back and flippers straight out. Love it!