Wednesday, July 20, 2016

HMMA Update from July 19th

The morning began with a report at 0702 of Rocky (RH58) at Kaimana Beach. She would depart at 1140. At 0715 Anissa checked in via email with a report of a seal on MCBH. The seal was hauled out between the golf course and Pyramid's. The seal departed back into the water before she could get an ID. At 1100 DB reported Kolohe (RW22) at the Hanauma Bay toilet bowl.

 Karen T. checked in via email after her shift with Ua Maile (RT10) and PO5. At 0810 mom and pup were foraging at reef at very low tide. They spent much of their time in the pool as the tide came in. They also spent some time resting on the reef. They hauled out about 11 and pup nursed.

 Anissa and Hallee checked in via email from the Mokuleia pup site. Mom and pup snoozed on the beach until 1700 then Nihoa (R912) moved to the water. She circled about the SPZ, calling to the pup several times, but Ka'ale continued to snooze. At 1715 Nihoa disappeared beyond the surf and did not return during the shift. Ka'ale moved down into the water around 1830 he would forage in the surf through the duration of our shift. No nursing was observed prior to mom's departure.

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