Tuesday, July 26, 2016

7/26/2016 Some Underwater Shots and Weaner gets Tagged

Thank you Ron for sending in these underwater shots from the North Shore.... Pretty sure we have to call it a U/U but never the less.... always great to see pics of them underwater!
 Ka'ale got tagged RH32/33
 It's my understanding he was pretty stoic getting tagged and vaccinated
 he looks tough
Thank you Carola :-)


Anonymous said...

The 2nd of Ron's shots appears to be RI37, by her signature posterior dorsal scar. I assume she is one of the two in the first shot, probably the fat one in the lead. DB

Donna said...

DB you truly amaze me.... when I posted I originally wrote "u/u unless DB can do his magic" and decided to edit my original thought HAAAA silly me!