Saturday, July 30, 2016

HMMA Update from July 29th

At 0220 a call came in about a seal hauling out on the Kahuku side of Turtle Bay Resort. Diane checked in to report Holokai (RG40). At 1709 a report came in about a seal swimming near a fishermen's line. The seal later hauled but no ID could be made.

 Jon checked in with some updates from Alan Davis. The Science Center team was gearing up for Kawena's vaccination and tagging. At 0930 an unknown adult seal came to the beach at the east border of the SPZ. The seal did not haul out. No ID or sex could be determined. The seal continued to swim slowly along the shore continually looking towards the tide pool where Kawena was swimming around. It got to about 50’ from the tide pool and turned towards open water and swam away. Total time in the shallows was less than 5 minutes. Kawena was successfully tagged H36/H37. Permanent ID is now RH36.

 Later in the day during Brad’s shift around 1630 he reported that a seal had come to shore again near the east border of the Kawena SPZ and swam along the shore. The seal then turned out to open sea swam a bit away from shore and then headed towards the tide pool where Kawena was swimming. The adult enter the tide pool and the two seals interacted for 20 minutes. There were no observed or audible vocalization, no attempted nursing behavior nor fighting. The unknown seal departed and swam out to open water.

 Carola checked in via email following her shift in Mokuleia with Ka'ale (RH32). There was some concerned about some fishing debris that was near Ka'ale's mouth but the tide came and washed the gear away. At 1400 RW02 hauled out on the beach and approached Ka'ale. RW02 checked out the pup and then went back into the water. Ka'ale vocalized and RW02 came back out again for a few minutes. RW02 went back into the water and Ka'ale followed him. Pup vocalized several times, they interacted for a brief time, then the RW02 left. Ka'ale went into the pool remained there.

 Karen T. also checked in via email with some photos from her morning shift with Ua Maile (RT10) and PO5. Mom and pup spent a lot of time in the pool swimming. There was a brief nursing and resting then they went back in the water. Karen was able to take a belly shot but the sandy belly makes it a bit difficult to determine the sex.

RG40 Holokai
 Ka'ale RH32
 sticks and stones may break my bones.... not!
 Ka'ale RH32 and RW02
 Ua Malie RT10 and PO5
 Hard to say.... boy or girl... but plenty of belly rolls

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