Tuesday, July 19, 2016

7/19/2016 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi&PO4(D#34)@AD, Kolohe@Toilet Bowl, Kainoa,Kea,Kala,Aukai&Cass@Rabbit Island, Rocky@Kaimana Beach, R8HY@Kauai

It is a bit odd to start off with a Yesterday’s News item, but I think you’ll agree it is news worthy. Rumor has it that Nihoa(R912) weaned her pup, Ka’ale at the Mokuleia pup site, late yesterday. Welcome to the rest of your life kid ! Awaiting official HMMA confirmation.

 Marilyn did her usual 0530 Kaiwi&PO4, 0530 check (D#34). They were snoozin’ and feedin’ , high on the beach.

 Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Rabbit Island was a busy little place today. The NOAA vaccination team went out this morning and accomplished quite a bit. Kainoa (RN04), who was yesterday’s U/M, along with Aukai (RL12 & Cass (RG06) were at 3BS, and Kala (RH76) was hiding at her usual tide pool spot on the left rock flats. The team arrived at a little after 0800, and the first order of business was to do the initial vaccination on Kainoa. They let things settle down a bit and then did a capture, work up and vaccination on Cass. Interestingly, there was a bobbing head just off shore as they crept up on Cass. Tracy would tell me later that it was Kea. I’d had no idea he was there. The last official act was to do a booster vaccination on Kala at the left end.

Hanauma Bay Security posse member , Jaime, called at 0848 with the report of an animal at Toilet Bowl, Hanauma Bay. When I arrived at 1053 I found Kolohe (RW22) snoozing on the flats at Toilet Bowl. Thanks to Jaime & Bautista .

 A reliable source called at 0709 with word that Rocky (RH58) was once again at Kaimana Beach, Waikiki. An Instagram shot confirmed the report.

 Our Pal Val advised that R8HY was captured late today, and the hook successfully removed. Excellent news !!

 Tammy T., spent quality time with Ua Malie&PO5 at Turtle Bay today, and sent shots of her adventure there . Thank You Tammy !

 Cass captured... Kainoa watching
 Kainoa being vaccinated with Cass and Aukai  
 Team NOAA ready for action
Kolohe at Toilet Bowl
 Rocky at Kaimana
Kaiwi and PO4
Ua Malie and PO5
 little munchkin!
 8HY on Kauai
 hook hanging off lower lip
 successfully removed
 and he is out of there....


Anonymous said...

R912 was actually back with Pup yesterday afternoon but left again at 430pm

b said...

Greatful that 8HY was dehooked yesterday.


Life is GRAND again....for 8HY!!!!!!!