Monday, July 18, 2016

7/18/2016 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi&PO4@AD, Kala,Kekoa,RG32&U/M@Rabbit Island, RL42@Ka'ena Point

Marilyn returned from her 0530 Kaiwi&PO4 check to advise that they were in the tide pool when she departed. I’ve received no further word about AD today.

 Observation conditions for Rabbit Island were horrible today, but the job must be done, to the extent possible. At 0851 I found what would prove to be Kala (RH76) on the left rock flats, Kekoa(RK72)& a large U/M together, 80 ft right of 3BS, and RG32 to the right of Seal Rock Inlet. All would remain at those locations for the day.

 Team Billand checked in at 1039 to advise that NOAA & HMMA personnel were at Ka’ena Point, and the Waianae side KP trail on the R8HY hunt. As far as I know RL42 was the only find. 

According to Tracy, there had been an HMMA report of R8HY along the Waianae side KP trail, late yesterday, but shots would prove that to be in error. It was , in fact, RL42 right where she was seen today.

 A late afternoon Tracy text brought word that R8HY was reported back on Kauai today, and that there was no word on hook removal, but at least the line had been cut, allowing him more flexibility to haul out. Awaiting further word.

 My routine afternoon check of Instagram brought shots of what a reliable source tells me is Rocky (RH58) & Benny (RE74) together at Kaimana Beach today. Thank God for social media, because there was absolutely no communication from the new regime, on this haul out. To make matters even worse. Rocky was reported by lifeguards as having been there since yesterday morning ! Not one word. Like the guy once said “ What we have here is a failure to communicate “ , but no problem you’ll probably read all about it in a coupla’ days.

 Also on the Instagram check I found a shot from today of an U/F on Moku Nui. While I can’t prove it by the shot, by guess would be that it is Aukai (RL12) based solely on the scruffy lookin’, molty hind flippers but ?????

 Rocky and Benny 
 RL42 at Ka'ena Point - Thank you Team Billand
 oy what a day
 i could title this gesture... but it would be very nice
bathing beauty ... u/f on mokes...


Anonymous said...

PO3 is a weaner and saw HMMA personnel at KP but they wouldn't say anything to me about the search but Tracy and David did let me help them, Great Outreach HMMA (Jon/Don)

b said...

We went out to Yoks, to hopefully find, R8HY. But getting out there at 6:30am, THE GATES TO YOKS WAS....LOCKED.

We waited, saw the guys entering gate and then locking it again and again.

Later found out from DNLR, Yoks had to be close the day before because some TRUCKERS were making troubles out there. For safety purposes, HPD and DNLR closed Yoks..Period.

Finally by 10am, the gates were unlocked for entry to Yoks. Nothing there. So, I was pumped to try walking out just to the 20 min walk from Yoks side .

Got to site, NO SEALS. But I ran into, Tracy, Don and Jon. Don gave me a big hug, Tracy said HI, we found L42 farther out before Kaena Pt. Oh Yeah...I wanted to see her.

Tracy told me where she first I wasnt going, I was so tired as I hadnt been out to Kaena Pt in years. I started to walk back, thought about MISSING L42, turned around and walked towards the site. I had to text Tracy, as I got to the spot, but didnt see her. Tracy said, keep going she is right around the corner.

OH BOY...I FINALLY FOUND L42, snoozing the day away..I text Tracy...THANKS FOUND L42..YAHOO.

I sat at the top rock, just enjoying her beauty. Remembering her as a pup out at Mokuliea. She is turning into a gorgeous female and already has many markers on her body. Folks passed, I never said...LOOK THERES A SEAL. I didnt want anyone to disturb her.

AND...I had two blisters..which I never had before. It was pretty painful..old shoes I guess. I said my prayers for L42, then left her site.

It rained good, I got $1 poncho did nothing to keep me dry. Thats ok, it cooled me off.

I thought of all the seals Rob and I used to see out here. 2AW, Noa, Kerby, R018, Haupu, Yoda, it was over whelming to feel their loss. Now I got a billion photos of each of them which I so treasure, ALWAYS.

I didnt think i was going to make it back to the car...My toes hurt so bad...Then I saw the fishermen camp site...I was close to the car again. I saw Rob, walking by the car...waiting for me.

Rob had my slippers on the earth by the car. MY SLIPPERS!!!! I couldnt wait to take off my OLD SHOES from my Kaena Pt hikes over the years. I made it back...I drank a ton of water. Hugged my ROBERT...Yeah, I did it...MADE IT BACK. With a memory and photos of ONE SEAL..L42.

And then: we got the text...R8HY was found on Kauai, line was cut shorter. OH YEAH... he is back on Kauai...NO WONDER WE NEVER FOUND HIM...GREAT. Hopefully Jamie and team can help him, GET THAT DAM HOOK REMOVED and R8HY can live to be a mighty seal. Prayers to R8HY!!!!!


Diga said...

Thanks for your story, Barbara. I'm glad you made it back safe and sound! Diane