Wednesday, July 6, 2016

HMMA Update from July 5th

At 0927 a report came in about Holokai (RG40) at Kahuku Point. Holokai was ID'ed by G40 tag. He had the beach to himself and slept with out any disturbance. At 1555 North Sector Manager Don checked in with a report of a seal east of the Mokuleia pup site. The seal had a visible pit scar on the center of its back. The seal was later identified as RK36.

 Kathleen check in from the Mokuleia pup site after her afternoon shift reporting Nihoa (R912) and pup were on the beach. Nihoa was sleeping while pup nursed. At 1335 another seal hauled out near mom and pup. Nihoa chased the seal off the beach and back into the water. The other seal hauled out outside of the SPZ on the east side. Two people came close to the seal's haul out location briefly then they departed leaving the seal to rest. The seal continued to sleep. The seal was ID'ed as RK36 later in the day. Nihoa and pup went for a swim until about 1415. They snoozed the remainder of the shift while the pup nursed intermittently.


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