Monday, July 25, 2016

7/25/2016 DB's Dailies: Cass, Kala, U/Us Rabbit Island, Kaiwi&Kawena@AD, RL42 4th

Well, That was an interesting day ! No quite the disaster the news dudes tried to make it, but a pretty crappy day , nonetheless. The seals seemed to like it, but the rest of us were out there paying a price. 

Marilyn did an extended morning session at AD, with Gayle & Melanie to follow. Thanks guys !!! Let me begin by congratulating Gayle for coming up with the official name for P04. The council okayed Gayle’s choice of Kawena. It means “the glow”, like the sunrise etc.

 Marilyn initially found Kaiwi(RK96)&Kawena together doing a feed up at the Naupaka line(D#39), but there followed a 3 hour stint where Kawena entered the water and covered some territory, hauling out by herself at one point, while Kaiwi was completely unaware and apparently unconcerned. I’ve never heard of a reverse weaning but it was beginning to look like that. Apparently, Kawena returned to Kaiwi on Gayle’s shift, and they were still together on Melanie’s shift. Marilyn went down for the last shift, and called at 1727 to advise that Kaiwi had left Kawena in a tide pool and swam outside, however she return in about 20 minutes.

 On my 4th attempt to get a look at Rabbit Island, at 1130, I found Kala (RH76) at the left end of the beach, and an U/M with an U/U together in the Morning Glory fronting 1BS. There was also an U/U 60 ft right of 3BS, that never moved and gave me nothing, and last but not least, Cass (RG06)& the 99% molted U/F together in the Morning Glory , behind Seal Rock Inlet. RI observations were nearly impossible so I was stoked to get what ever the IDs that I got.

 Dr. Tom checked in from Turtle Bay at 0941 with a report and shot of Ua Malie(RT10)&PO5 . Dana Jones also sent shots from her afternoon shift. Thanks guys !!!

 Team Billand called at 1758 with word from their Kauai posse that Pohaku had weaned her pup this morning (D#39).

 Last but no least... Happy 4th Birthday to RL42 !!!

 unidentified male and unidentified female
 unidentified unknown
 Kawena and Kaiwi ...  thank you Marilyn
Kaiwi and Kawena (thanks Melanie
 mom looking thinner than the kid

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