Sunday, July 31, 2016

HMMA Update from July 3oth

At 0730 a report came in about a seal at Three Tables. Malia responded and ID'ed Ipo (RI37) by tag I37. At 1627 Ipo departed. At 1059 a report was made about a seal at Makaha Beach. Debbie responded and ID'ed Pohaku (RO28) by tag O28 and scar.

 Lusi checked in via email from Mokuleia. Ka'ale (RH32) was sleeping the entire shift. Another seal was spotted in the water checking out the beaches. It came from the Kaena Point area and swam along the shore line but never hauled out. 

Carola and Howard spent the morning and late afternoon at Mokuleia with Ka’ale. She noted something hanging from the left side of his mouth, however, it did not appear to be concerning.
Carola noticed some irritation with his right eye. Pup spent about 1 hour in the water from 1630-1730pm. The area around his right eye still seemed irritated after he came back on the beach. Carola noted a scar on the left side above the rear flipper.  (scar?  is it a natural marking or something attached... there haven't been any wounds... right?)

 After checking in with NOAA veterinarian in regards to RH32's eye it appears the seal is okay. Michelle reported that it looks like RH32 has encountered a sea cucumber. The residue is consistent with that of a sea cucumber and she did not see anything concerning.

  I don't know what happened I was trying to get some lunch and the next thing I know SPLAT I got crap all over my face.... maybe I should be a little more selective.

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