Thursday, July 28, 2016

HMMA Update from July 27th

At 0912 a report was made of a seal hauled out at Hukilau Beach. No ID could be made at the time of sighting. No further word at this time.

 Anissa checked in via email from the Alan Davis site. Gayle was also there setting up the free-standing signs as Kawena had hauled out onto the rocks just near the edge of the SPZ. Kawena was there for 15 minutes and then went in the water for a swim until 1030. Kawena took a nap but was awaken by the tide and moved further up the beach. Kawena was observed playing with sticks and rocks. At 1130 Kawena settled for a nap. From 1225 to 1315 some more swimming took place in the tide pool. Some short dives observed.

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