Thursday, July 28, 2016

7/28/2016 DB's Dailies: Kawena@AD, Right Spot@Kaupo Beach Park, Kala,U/F / RG32,Aukai,Cass&U/F@Rabbit Island, Pohaku@Maili, Ka'ale@Mokuleia, RIP@Ka'ena Point

A Kaupo Beach Park posse member called at 1035 with the report of an animal there. When I arrived at 1045 I found things well in hand, with Right Spot (RO16) duly cordoned off by Colleen Heyer with the able assistance of Michelle. Right Spot had last been reported at MCBH on 6-23-16. She has remained the rest of the day. Marilyn called at 1841 to advise that Right Spot had just departed.

 At 1103 I found Kala (RH76) on the left end rock flats of Rabbit Island, and as I panned to the right I became aware of what would prove to be the U/F I believe to be Sadie (but can not prove), at the left end of the beach, and then a group of 3 behind Seal Rock Inlet, which would turn out to be RG32, Cass(RG06)&Aukai(RL12). The U/F, I believe to be Nani (but can not prove) was by herself at Rocky Right Beach.

 At 1526 Team Billand called with the welcome report of Pohaku (RO28) at Maili.

 Word came from Kauai this afternoon that Pohaku’s child had gotten her new bling, an is now officially RH80/81.

Kala and UF
 RG32, Cass and Aukai
 Right Spot... seems like she enjoying her time on the south east side versus the north shore
 i'm going to get it....
 maybe later
 Pohaku resting comfortably 

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