Monday, July 25, 2016

7/25/2016 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi&Kawena@AD, Kala,Benny,UF, Kainoa,U/F / Kekoa,Aukai,RG32&Cass@Rabbit Island,

Marilyn was at AD at 0530 as usual and found Kaiwi (RK96)&Kawena , still together in the Naupaka. Marilyn called at 1721 to advise that Kaiwi had just departed. She did the same thing yesterday, so ???????? She had not returned as of dark.

 We got cable back around midday out here in the “burbs”. It’s nice to communicate again. Sorry about last night.

 At 0811 I found Kala (RH76) at the far left end of the beach on Rabbit Island. She would relocate to the left end rock flats later on.

 At 0830 I became aware of a buncha’ critters. As I panned from the left, I found what would turn out to be a probable Benny (RE74), in the company of an U/F just left of 1BS. These are the same two animals from yesterday. It would take all day to settle on the Benny ID. Mostly it was his left side head scar, and his partial CC scar on his posterior , ventral, right side, but mostly it was that non stop Benny attitude, hassling with all the rest of the cast, multiple times during the day. There may be an Oooops coming up, but I’m thinkin’ Benny. I’ve been lookin’ for him ever since he showed up at Kaimana the other day.

 Also at 0830 I found an U/F in the company of Benny at 1BS. I have no clue at all who this is, but once again I’ve gotta’ say that I’ve been on the lookout for Sadie since she is due for her post wean molt as of yesterday. We shall see.

 Down the beach, 60 ft right of 3BS , at 0830 I found Kainoa (RN04) & the molting U/F. There were a coupla’ tufts left so I’ll go with 99.9% molted.

 Also at 0830 I found what would turn out to be Kekoa (RK72) & Aukai (RL12) at Rocky Right Beach.

 At 1000 RG32 galumphed out of the tall grass, behind Seal Rock Inlet.

 Diane Gabriel sent along Ka’ale shots from her Mokuleia stint today.

 Gary Langley & Val Bloy sent Weaner shots from Kauai. Pohaku departed yesterday.

 On a pan at 1010, on a pan I found Cass (RN06) newly arrived to the far left end of the beach.

Benny and U/F
 UF, Kainoa, Benny and RG32 
 2 things weaners love playing with... sticks and sea cucumbers
PK3 (pohaku's kid on Kauai)  Can I eat this?
 torpedo mode
 life is good for this weaner
 sea cucumber playing time
 nite nite
 Gary's shots from July 24th

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b said...

Appreciate the shots from Kauai..Volunteers do an excellent job on caring for the seals there.

Look at that Pup from Pohaku R028, she is so cute and chubby, busy little bee finding rocks, sticks, and her favorite...SEA CUCUMBERS. Great photos guys.

Hope to see Pohaku's Pup, become a great female such as her mom .

Pohaku..god bless you...we will look for you on Oahu and PROTECT you best we can, always. You have given us three males and one female...all treasures to us.

Long live, the Hawaiian Monk Seals of Hawaii!!!!!!!!